Side effects of laser hair removal on face

Is skin smooth after laser?

Not only does the Hair Removal Laser destroy hairs at their root, but it can also render the skin smooth with no trace of chicken skin , as well as reduce the smell and sweat in certain parts such as armpits or intimate areas because hairs are where various bacteria are gathered.

The skin will feel rough to the touch as it begins to slough the treated skin . Use the aloe or moisturizer until all the peeling and flaking has stopped. Don't use heavy moisturizers such as Aquaphor or Vaseline as it may contribute to acne breakouts. You may experience intense itching as the skin heals.

The immediate post laser treatment consists of covering the lasered skin with Vaseline (Aquaphor or whatever the specific product you are instructed to use) and using cold packs for discomfort and swelling . The best treatment to be comfortable is to apply cold compresses to the treated areas of the face.

As the bumps disappear, you may notice that your skin feels excessively dry. In some instances, the bumps will dry out and begin to crust . Again, this is a common issue that occurs after a laser hair treatment, so there is no need to panic. Apply a healing ointment to these overly dry and crusty areas of your skin.

Is laser hair removal damaging?

Laser hair removal can be dangerous in inexperienced hands . Burns, permanent changes to your skin color, and scars can occur. You can greatly reduce the risk of possible side effects by having your treatment performed by a medical doctor who is extremely skilled in using lasers and has in-depth knowledge of the skin.

Yes, laser hair removal can be more painful before your period is due . Some women will experience very severe PMS leading up to their period and this can cause them to become very sensitive to pain. Over 90 % of women will experience some form of PMT. This can start anywhere from 5-11 days before your period is due.

Again, there is no evidence that laser hair removal causes infertility . The lasers only penetrate the skin and do not reach or affect any other organs. Laser hair removal is usually safe, even in sensitive areas such as the groin.

A hormonal imbalance may result in increased hair regrowth after laser hair removal procedures . Alternatively, laser hair removal may remove existing hair, but excess male hormones will rapidly stimulate regrowth.

Is laser good for your skin?

Is Laser Treatment Good for Your Skin? The short answer is, yes. Laser skin treatments can help refresh the skin and improve many skin conditions, including age spots, veins, wrinkles, scars, sagging skin, unwanted hair and tattoos . Lasers can target different structures in the skin.Jan 31, 2020

The laser beam destroys the outer layer of skin (epidermis). At the same time, the laser heats the underlying skin (dermis), which stimulates collagen production over time, resulting in better skin tone and texture .

Laser hair removal does not cause dry skin , however, it can irritate already dry skin. An active skin care product, such as Balense Recovery Cream, will ease any discomfort and help lock in the moisture into your skin.

Give your skin a little TLC

Is laser hair removal safe long-term?

Both studies did not show any long-term side effects or scarring. Laser/light hair removal, carried out by trained professionals, is a safe procedure with a very low incidence of permanent sequelae . The majority of adverse effects are transient and minor. They are more common in darker skin.